Female doctors in menopause retiring early due to sexism

Is it any surprise that women everywhere are struggling to get the right help and support when our health care professionals are saying that they can’t even get the right the right help and support? According to the Guardian, female doctors going through the menopause are reducing their hours, moving to lower-paid roles or retiring Read more about Female doctors in menopause retiring early due to sexism[…]

This one moved me to tears

This dropped into my inbox on Saturday and it moved me to tears. Claire’s donation and message made me cry partly because of her generosity but mainly out of frustration because we should not be in a situation where women have to rely on support groups and services to get the help they need to save their lives which are being blighted by menopause symptoms.

Struggling with symptoms for 17 years

Recently I spoke with the lovely Karen Kenning, who I met when she reached out for support on social media. At the time I knew that she needed help to optimise her HRT, but I didn’t know that she had been struggling with symptoms for over 17 years since her hysterectomy.

You should be angry

Women have been disgracefully failed and you should be angry because this arrogant attitude still affects all areas of women’s health. ‘An arrogant culture in which serious medical complications were dismissed as “women’s problems” contributed to a string of healthcare scandals over several decades, an inquiry ordered by the government has found’ Review into vaginal Read more about You should be angry[…]

Now we really need your help

Now  we need your help too. This morning I launched our very first  fundraising campaign, If you have ever received any help, support or information via this website or via  our group please consider contributing whatever you can. Your support will help us  to ensure better education, information and support for the future.