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Menopause Support Naturally

For 15 years Daphne Nancholas has specialised in helping women with the menopause. She now runs a private practice in Cornwall.

Are you feeling misunderstood or invisible?
Is the menopause really getting you down?
Is HRT really the only option?

Are you currently experiencing any of these menopausal symptoms?

Excessive mood swings/Drenching night sweats
Joint pain and stiffness/Difficulty concentrating
Continual tiredness/Depression
Greasy hair/Weight gain

Daphne has now compiled an e-book called :

Menopause Book Cover

Click on this link to see the contents of this book and to purchase via paypal
'The Menopause - What Every Woman Needs to Know'

Price £4.99

"I love this book! It covers so many different aspects of the menopause, has loads of good practical advice that is easy to understand and all with a very positive slant"
L. G.

What is in the book?

It starts off by explaining what the menopause actually is and the variety of symptoms that can appear, going into detail to explain what hormonal imbalances actually do to our bodies and emotions and what you can do to help yourself at this time.

There are many alternatives to HRT, such as supplements, herbs and homeopathy and some changes in lifestyle. Diet helps and I can offer a cake recipe, known as the hormonal cake that contains a lot of helpful ingredients.

As well as nutritional advice, suggestions on supplements and life-style in general there are different herbal tinctures from Europe and China that can help with regulating the hormones and homeopathic remedies which help on the emotional and physical level.

With the help and support of homeopathy and advice on supplements, menopause can in fact become an empowering time of change. Our general attitudes can help during this often confusing and emotional time.


"I came to see Daphne after starting my menopause. At the time I was having a lot of problems and the advice and remedies that I was given helped me enormously. It was a great relief to have someone with whom I could talk things over". J.R.

"I had been feeling miserable with menopause weight gain, severe hot flushes and depression. Just talking to Daphne on the phone was such a relief, to know you are not alone and the natural remedies she suggested were a great help." D.S.

" When I was first in touch with Daphne I was a mess. I felt continually tired, had lank greasy hair and my energy was at rock bottom. My GP had prescribed HRT but it didn't agree with me at all. Within a few months of seeing Daphne my life had turned around. A big plus for me was that I had suffered from urinary incontinence for years and her homeopathic medicine completely stopped that, as well as fixing my menopausal symptoms." B.W.

"I went to see Daphne because I was getting symptoms of early menopause, night sweats, waking up tired and lethargic and awful mood swings. I had no idea it was the menopause because I was only 43 at the time and hadn't been for any tests.. It was such a relief to understand at last what was happening and to receive help. I am so thankful as her treatment helped me enormously." K.B.





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