March 5, 2018


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Understanding Menopause for Counsellors, Coaches & Therapists
This one day workshop is designed for all professional counsellors, coaches and therapists who provide support services for women in a therapeutic setting.

30 June 2018 | 10:30 – 16:00 with Debbie Howe and Diane Danzebrink at Wing Village Hall, 71 Leighton Road, Wing LU7 0NN

During this one day workshop we will explore all aspects of menopause and why it is important for therapists to be aware of this transitional time in a womans life and how it can affect women and those around them both at home and in the workplace. During the day we will explore the physical and psychological impacts of menopause and how clients can be supported and signposted.

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Menopause Workshops for Counsellors and Coaches

This workshop is designed specifically for counsellors and therapists to explain how symptoms of the menopause may be presenting in your client. It is vital that therapists are able to recognise when a woman may be experiencing symptoms of menopause sometimes even before the woman herself has made the connection.

Menopause Group Workshops

Our group workshops are an opportunity for women to join Diane for an interactive session where we will talk all things menopause. After a presentation and some light refreshment you will have the opportunity to ask your questions. These sessions are supportive, open, honest and fun; often full of laughter and sometimes tears, these sessions are intended to empower women to take control of their menopause in whatever way feels right. Click to see areas we will cover.