Education the best support to menopause in the workplace, we tell Woman’s Hour

BBC Woman’s Hour listeners heard from Diane Danzebrink about a professional woman who had been forced to leave her job because of her menopause symptoms. Now two years unemployed, she has suffered severe financial hardship and is only now beginning to rebuild her life.

Diane was taking  part in a discussion on Menopause in the workplace with presenter Jenni Murray and other interviewees on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour . She recounted the story having spoken to the woman involved in a counselling session.

The programme was told that a BBC poll found 70 per cent of women chose not to mention their menopause symptoms to their employer. Some were made redundant, some chose to leave, while others had a positive response from managers and work colleagues.

The solution all round is for better education, possibly as early as school, so women would know what to expect in later years, employers and work colleagues also. Diane also stressed that there should be more education about menopause for general practitioners.

“GP’s are generalists – I absolutely accept that. But what could be more general than something that affects 50 per cent of the entire population?” she added.

The discussion can be heard on the BBC iPlayer . The menopause segment starts eight minutes into the programme.