And so to Wales…..

Diane was invited by the Womens Forum and Equalities Committee of the Wales Trade Unions Council (TUC) to speak at the recent launch of their survey report on menopause and to introduce a toolkit for union representatives.

The survey, held throughout 2016, produced the biggest-ever response the Wales TUC have ever had and almost 4,000 respondents gave their perspective on how menopause is experienced in the workplace. Di was invited to take part in the event after the Head of the Women’s Forum saw her recent appearance on the ITV Lorraine show.

The report found that 88% of women workers who’ve experienced the menopause felt it has an effect on working life, while around 6 in 10 had witnessed the issue being treated as a joke in the workplace.  The survey also showed that only a very small number of workplaces have policies in place to support women who experience difficulties during the menopause.  The full report is available here in both Welsh and English;

This latest initiative aims to help raise awareness of the issue and to provide tools to help unions negotiate adjustments for women working through the menopause at the Welsh Assembly – it’s all about getting the conversation started on how menopause issues are treated in the workplace.

The survey launch was held in the massively impressive Senedd Building in Cardiff, the main public building of the National Assembly, and the main centre for democracy and devolution in Wales.

The Women’s Forum is one of several self-organising forums exist to help promote equality through the trade union movement in Wales, and union members can get involved in activities such as helping to plan trade union events, surveys, resources and campaigns to raise awareness of issues and advance equality in the workplace.`