Letter to the Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth…

Having attempted to raise the issue of menopause with the Dept of Health in the past to no avail I thought I would contact the shadow health secretary to see if he might take this issue a little more seriously. Watch this space……….

Good Afternoon Jonathan

I recently met with your colleague Carolyn Harris at Portcullis House to discuss Menopause in the workplace and will be working with her over the next few months to form a group to take this issue forward.

There is another issue to be tackled which is menopause care for women when they visit their GP’s. Sadly Menopause and suitable treatments is poorly taught in our medical schools largely as a result of the scare stories about HRT from 2002 when studies, which have proved to be flawed, were published. Over the last eighteen months I have been campaigning for the RCGP to review the curriculum and I have their written assurance that this will be done in the new year.

Having taught a revision session on the subject to students at my local university it became apparent from their lack of knowledge that this review cannot come a moment too soon. I run a support service called Menopause Support and counsel women on a daily basis who are struggling to access the correct treatment via their GP as a result of a lack of up to date education on the subject. Some of these women present with complex histories but due to the lack of specialist menopause clinics are left to struggle with their symptoms.

I hope that you will recognize just how important this issue is particularly when it will effect every woman at some stage in her life and have an effect on partners, families and in the workplace. We have failed too many women for far too long leaving some of them with a legacy of osteoporosis or heart disease or both because they have not been able access to the correct treatment at the right time.

Having written to the department of health on two occasions and receiving nothing more than a standard reply I do hope that you will think that this is important enough to get in contact to discuss what can be done to bring this up the agenda and make radical and long term change.

I look forward to your reply

Yours Sincerely

Diane Danzebrink