Understanding Menopause – Your Questions Answered

Our recent session held at the Westonbirt Arboretum attracted more than 50 people, and involved plenty of questions and a great deal of feedback from our audience.

The session, led by Menopause Support Founder, Diane Danzebrink and expert GP Dr. Louise Newsom, had achieved national news coverage following a ban on advertising it by Google, which was later retracted after news coverage in the Daily Mail.

“We had some great feedback, which I still need to collate but we will be publishing it here once done” said Diane. “Lots of views were expressed and lots of questions were asked, with many wanting to know about the breast cancer scares around HRT (hormone replacement therapy), and more about the different types of oestrogen that are available.

“We also heard from people who cannot raise the subject of menopause in the workplace because of the environment they work in, something which we will be addressing in our campaign” she added.