Let’s help to change how menopause is viewed in the workplace

Women suffering menopause symptoms are all too often the butt of jokes or worse in the workplace, and the stories we have heard recently prove that things need to change.

Some of you told us you were afraid to mention menopause in the office, because the working environment doesn’t recognise the problem. One woman has been reprimanded and now faces disciplinary action for taking time off with severe menopausal symptoms. Others are the target of humour every time they have a hot flush.

One in ten women say they have to leave their jobs, and one in four consider leaving, the problem is that significant.

This week Diane Danzebrink met with the Shadow Women and Equalities Minister Carolyn Harris at Westminster, and they are looking to bring in new legislation to recognise menopause in the workplace and better educate people in the work environment on its consequences.

Says Diane:

“We are not looking for special treatment but we are concerned there is no support pathway in the workplace for menopause, as there is for pregnancy. We think everyone, wherever they work, deserves the right to be able to discuss their health and well being with someone who understands menopause and how debilitating the symptoms can be.

“Companies have a legal duty of care to their workforce and it makes good sense retain staff who might otherwise leave and have a serious effect on the company’s bottom line.” she added.

The next step will be to organise a cross-party meeting in Westminster, hopefully before the end of the year, to determine support for possible legislation.

Here is an update from Di on today’s meeting:

Watch this space for progress.