BBC and Daily Mail say GP’s have “forgotten” about menopause

The Daily Mail has published a hard-hitting article suggesting millions of women are forced to face the menopause without hormone replacement therapy as GPs ‘remain influenced by scare stories from decades ago’.

The story follows the BBC’s “Inside Out” programme screened on February 20th. Figures unveiled by the programme reveal just 2.5 million prescriptions of HRT were issued in England in 2017, down from 6 million in 2000. An extract can be seen below.

The Mail details how experts believe GPs have ‘forgotten’ about middle-aged women and the life-changing turbulence many of them face. Polling suggests only one in five women who could benefit from hormone replacement therapy are currently getting the treatments.

Professor Mary Ann Lumsden, senior vice president of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, said: ‘People stopped prescribing HRT. They forgot that the menopause occurred and can cause problems for women, the number of menopause clinics decreased dramatically and there is a whole generation of GPs who had no training in menopause medicine at all.’

Di is quoted:  ‘This is not a rare disease, this is not something that we don’t know about.

‘What we need is a very simple to follow guide to drop into the inbox of all GPs to refer to. I could produce that tomorrow.’