Upcoming TV programme on Menopause for end February

I was delighted to join this amazing group of women who came together for an upcoming TV programme about menopause.

We discussed our menopause symptoms and how they affected all areas of our lives; our physical and mental health, our relationships and our work. We talked about what helped, what didn’t and what needs to change.

There are more women over 50 in the workplace than ever before and the average age of menopause is 51, but perimenopause symptoms often begin in the early to mid forties. Women need to know that there is a supportive pathway that they can access in the workplace should they wish to do so.

I regularly counsel women who have left much loved careers as they did not feel able to raise the issue of menopause at work or were not supported when they did. Support in the workplace is a win win situation. #MakeMenopauseMatter