#MakeMenopauseMatter heading for 10,000 signatures!


Great news on our #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign, launched recently in Westminster with the help of a number of MPs .

We have now achieved more than 8,500 signatures on our petition and are well on the way to 10,000. If you have not signed, please click here to do so.

We managed to achieve a cross-party debate in Westminster, which you can watch below, and were very pleased to receive endorsement from a number of MPs in the house.

The debate lasted for more than an hour, but we are sure you will all agree it was a very interesting session,  with contributions from a number of MPs.

Menopause Support founder Di Danzebrink has been all over the media raising knowledge about the campaign, which aims to provide better GP training, more understanding and support in the workplace and more discussion in society by making it part of the school curriculum.

“It’s all to get us talking more about what is a normal part of life but which is seldom discussed” Di commented. “We have been really grateful for the support we have received from MPs such as Carolyn Harris and Rachel Maclean. And judging by the number of signatures received, our campaign is popular with large numbers of people. I would like to thank everyone who has signed the petition so far – your voice is helping us to really change perceptions about the menopause across society”.