“It’s an absolute disgrace that we are in this situation” – Di speaking on BBC Look East

Di was in Cambridge recently to talk about menopause live in the studio after BBC’s Look East regional news programme filmed an item about the menopause campaign.

The news story about DI was also shown a day later on the Oxford-based BBC South news roundup.

A camera crew visited Di’s home in Buckinghamshire and captured her walking her dogs Kev and Piggy as she told the story of her own disastrous surgically-induced menopause.

The programme also interviewed Di’s former patient, Andrea Swan, as well as Jan Chadwick, who has started Cambridge’s first menopause cafe.

Then Di was interviewed live and told presenter Janine Machin (pictured with Di) the campaign had three main aims:

  • Better education for GPs, many of whom have had little training on menopause
  • Much more awareness and guidance in the workplace, where there are currently nearly 5 million women going through menopause
  • And more awareness of the subject in schools, including tuition on the “PSHE” curriculum, a school subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepare for life and work in modern Britain.

Di with Look East Presenter Janine Machin

“There are treatments out there, including Hormone Replacement Therapy, but we just don’t talk about the subject enough” Di added. “It’s an absolute disgrace that we are in this situation as far as menopause is concerned” she added.




You can see Di’s interview below – please sign our petition if you have not already done so.