A great headline – but there’s more behind it

Male academics should say the word ‘menopause’ at least three times a day in solidarity with their female colleagues, according to a fellow scholar. Dr Andrea Davies, from the university’s School of Business, has argued that all staff should be able to talk about menopause openly and without embarrassment and that saying the word three times a day would help.

Menopause Support’s Diane Danzebrink told BBC Radio Stoke that it certainly was a great headline – and it had got a lot of people talking about it.

Behind the headline though was the more serious fact that while menopause will eventually affect all women directly, it will indirectly affect everyone, men included so it is sensible to know what it’s all about.

Everyone knew about hot flushes but not everybody was aware that symptoms could be much more serious.

“Over the last few weeks I have counselled four NHS nurses who have all left the profession because they didn’t get support at work or from their GP” she told presenter Paula White.

“It would make a huge difference to us if we all understood what menopause is, when it happens and what can be done to help with its symptoms, Di added.

You can hear her phone in interview on BBC Radio Stoke on the BBC iPlayer here. Di’s interview begins around nine minutes in from the start of the programme and lasts for 12 minutes.