Diane defends menopause sufferers after Daily Mail journalist tells them to “Stop Moaning”.

Diane took to the airwaves on ITV’s Good Morning Britain breakfast show today to take part in a discussion about the case of a menopausal woman who was unfairly sacked by her employers – the Scottish court service – then compensated and reinstated after a tribunal which found she was suffering from a ‘disability’.

Di told hosts Richard Madeley and Charlotte Hawkins that menopause was certainly not a disability, and that there was a need for greater awareness of the subject.

According to the Daily Mail, Mandy Davies had worked for the Scottish Court and Tribunal Service (SCTS) for 20 years with an impeccable record. But she was sacked last year on the grounds of gross misconduct and that she did not exhibit ‘the values and behaviours’ of the organisation.

She brought legal action against SCTS claiming she had been discriminated against because of a disability – a painful and disruptive menopause. But she got her job back along with a £19,000 payout after an employment tribunal ruled her menopause was a ‘disability’.

Mail journalist Liz Jones also appeared on the programme. She had written a critical article on the case and said menopausal women should “stop moaning”.

“Get on with the job, stop moaning, and stop playing the victim. Men don’t do it – embrace it” was her message to viewers.

Di said she had recently counselled three NHS nurses struggling with debilitating  symptoms who all felt they had no choice but to leave their jobs due to a lack of support in the workplace. Given that 77 per cent of the NHS workforce are women and the average age is 43, she asked, how many more nurses can we afford to lose for this reason?

The programme can be seen on the ITV Player – Di is interviewed in the slot around 7.45am.