The Hidden Cost of Menopause – Diane writes for the Daily Telegraph

Writing in Today’s Daily Telegraph, Diane Danzebrink has set out the reasons why she became a menopause counsellor – and a passionate campaigner for the rights of menopausal women.

In the same week she crossed swords with the President of the Royal College of GPs in a Radio 5 Live interview, DI has now taken to one of the UK’s most-read broadsheets to get her message across.

“I can truly empathise with each and every one of the women I work with, as back in 2013, due to my own menopause experience, I came very close to taking my own life.” Di says – almost conversationally – in the Telegraph piece.

It’s a great opener, but not by any means the most sensational line in her story. For many women are still reeling from the effects of Menopause and the cost is being felt by all of us.

“It has become clear in my work supporting women that education for health care professionals in the menopause is poor and many GP’s, often the first port of call, are simply not equipped to help. ” she says – little wonder she is not on the Royal College of General Practitioner Christmas card list right now. “I have counselled women who have been told they are too young to be experiencing menopause , told they are depressed and prescribed anti depressants when NICE guidelines clearly state that HRT is first line treatment for women who are  clearly peri menopausal.” she adds.

Over the past two years I have been campaigning the Royal College of General Practitioners to improve the curriculum for medical students and am regularly told that it is coming soon. In December in an attempt to secure advice for women who were struggling to get the right treatment and support from their GP’s  I wrote to the president of the College to express my concerns. Three months later a completely underwhelming reply finally arrived that offered no hope of anything changing anytime soon. Women and our NHS simply cannot afford to keep waiting for GP education to improve; too many are experiencing poor short and long term physical and mental health health due to a woeful lack of professional knowledge.”

That frustration boiled over into a civilised but barbed clash with Prof.Helen Stokes-Lampard , Chair of the RCGP on Radio Five Live, where Di was sitting next to fellow meno campaigner Meg Matthews, who shot to fame as the wife of Oasis star Noel Gallagher. You can hear it here.

The Telegraph article admirably sums up the aims of the menopause support campaign and Diane’s personal views and is published in full. Well, almost in full.

” I am a bit cross about the heading – I wanted it to be “The Hidden Cost of Menopause” she added. Watch out, the Telegraph sub’s desk!

The full article in the Daily Telegraph can be seen here.