Relationships and jobs being lost because of menopause, Di Danzebrink tells Radio Ulster

Couples are losing their relationships and women their jobs because of symptoms of menopause, and the situation is so severe the economy is being affected, Diane told a Northern Ireland audience on the BBC Radio Ulster afternoon show today.

Responding to an initiative by the Northern Ireland Police Service to develop a code around the menopause affecting all employees, she said it was vital we raise awareness of menopause in the workplace generally.

Businesses and organisations are losing valuable members of staff because people can’t talk about the subject and any situation where a woman needs to leave her job is not good for her, for her family or for her business.

“It’s something we should all be talking about, men and women – if you have a wife, a mother, an auntie or a sister, then you need to know about menopause symptoms” she added.

Di suggested businesses who wanted to know more about the issues and how to apply them in  the workplace should download a document from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, with guidance  aimed at women going through menopause and experiencing the impact it has on their working lives. It also offers employers practical guidance on how to improve workplace environments for menopausal women. See link to website here. The full document can be downloaded here.