We don’t talk about menopause within families…

…so one of the most important menopause issues is around education, Diane Danzebrink has told the BBC.

In an interview for the BBC World Service Business Daily, Diane said the subject is becoming a particular issue in the workplace where we are now seeing more women over 50.

“I regularly hear from women who fear seeming inadequate in their roles or are simply embarrassed to mention their systems – if it’s an environment where menopause is not recognised, they don’t feel they can talk about it” she added.

Listen to the interview here.

The Team at BBC World Service Business Daily asked Di to contribute to their podcast on Menopause at Work.

Presenter Manuela Saragosa speaks to one woman who quit her job because she was too afraid to tell her boss that her health issues were affecting her performance.

As well as to Di, Manuela also speaks to endocrinologist Maralyn Druce and medical researcher JoAnn Manson in the podcast.