An arresting presentation on Menopause in Devon and Cornwall

With colleagues from the Talking Menopause organisation, Menopause Support founder Diane Danzebrink was at the Devon and Cornwall Police HQ for a one-day conference of police and civilian officers.

An audience of around 200 people took part in a session aimed at line managers and team leaders on how to treat menopausal women in the workplace, detailing the simple adjustments that could be made to help staff affected.

Sessions over the day covered symptoms and possible solutions, looking at lifestyle, diet and exercise, with a session presented by Di on emotional wellbeing, covering mindfulness techniques, the importance of sleep and the right diet in treating symptoms.

The sessions concluded with a look at what changes the force can make to improve working life for women going through the menopause. A repeat visit may be on the cards, as the session was over-subscribed by no less than 50 people.

“I’d like to thank Devon and Cornwall Police for taking this subject seriously and making real efforts to improve the lives of their staff experiencing menopause symptoms ” Di said later. “The force has joined other police forces such as Dorset by having an enlightened attitude to the subject, which will eventually affect 50 per cent of the population. Hopefully those attending our session will have learned how to progress with their own symptoms , as menopause affects women in many different ways.”