Disappointing views from the Daily Mail and the Editor of The Lady

The Daily Mail has criticised Nottinghamshire Police and a number of big companies for what the paper calls “Patronising and insulting” measures to help menopausal women.

But the story – and particularly a quote from Sam Taylor, Editor of “The Lady” magazine – was described as “so disappointing” by Menopause Support founder Diane Danzebrink.

Sam Taylor reportedly said: ‘By the time a woman hits her mid-40s, she really should be able to pull herself together when she’s having a hot flush.’

Diane took to Twitter to respond to Ms Taylor, pointing out that mental symptoms during the menopause can be devastating for some women.

@sametaylor would love to talk to you about this and look at opportunities to educate and empower women coping with debilitating symptoms via @TheLadyMagazine

A number of other Twitter users were quick to condemn Ms Taylor’s comments. One said “@sametaylor needs educating. Maybe she hasn’t been though the menopause yet, or was one of those fortunate women who just “sailed” through it.”

Another responded: “Hugely judgemental comments potentially based on her own experience. Try telling a lady actively contemplating suicide because the symptoms are so severe to ‘pull yourself together’. So sad that this attitude still exists.”

Nottinghamshire Police put its policy into action after former Chief Constable Sue Fish learned that women were leaving the force due to severe menopausal symptoms.

‘It was just such a waste of talent,’ she said. ‘Bringing in a policy was absolutely the right thing to do.’

GP Dr Louise Newson, a GP  and a menopause expert adviser to our campaign, told the Mail the effects on women should not be underestimated. Four in five menopausal women experienced symptoms that had an impact on their working lives, according to a study of staff at West Midlands Police.

And she said hot flushes were not even in the top three symptoms of concern, which were fatigue, anxiety and memory loss.