Bioidentical Hormones – What are they?

If you’ve been struggling with menopausal symptoms and looking into the options, you might well have come across private menopause clinics or compounding pharmacies offering ‘bioidentical hormones’. But what exactly are they, and how do they differ from the HRT you’d get from your GP?

Not many empty chairs lately!

Diane has been around and about helping to make more people aware of menopause issues. As well as appearances on radio and television she regularly travels to meet local women who need to know more on the subject. Here are a couple of typical recent examples:

Menopause is the new black

“I am becoming increasingly concerned by the rapidly expanding menopause industry…. Sadly, desperate women will go to desperate measures to relieve their menopause symptoms and as is so often the case this presents an ideal opportunity for those seeking to exploit the situation.”