Would you like more support during Menopause?

If you are undergoing menopause, perhaps before you expected it, do you often feel that nobody really understands you?

Are you searching for understanding, empathy and compassion?

Do you struggle to find information and would you like to be better educated on the subject?

Then this website – and this menopause support campaign – may be for you.

My name is Di Danzebrink and my own experiences during menopause made me passionate about trying to help others.

I have written about my own recent story, and with the publication of the latest National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines, I have been interviewed a number of times on national media. NICE recommends that help and information is available for women with menopause and that a range of treatment options such as HRT can help.

Please note that this site, for the moment at least, is under construction.

Would you like more support during menopause?